South Dakota (BB-57) shooting just like the drawn of the Essex (CV-9) when you look at the job out-of Okinawa

USN pictures thanks to Pieter Bakels. Ship’s anti-flights actually in operation off South Honshu, The japanese, towards the 10 February 1945. Brand new battleship South Dakota (BB-57) is within the foreground. USN images due to Pieter Bakels. Guys throughout an aware onboard Southern Dakota (BB-57), twenty eight March 1945. USN pictures due to Pieter Bakels. USN photos courtesy of Pieter Bakels. USN photographs courtesy of Pieter Bakels. Presents from the mainland U. S. to arrive thru water to possess beginning towards the Japanese. Taking up 16-inch shells regarding an ammo ship.

USN pictures courtesy of Pieter Bakels. Taking on sixteen-inch shells from an ammo vessel. USN photographs due to Pieter Bakels. Trying out 16-inch shells. USN photo thanks to Pieter Bakels. Thanks to Pieter Bakels. A compact crane can be used up to speed South Dakota (BB-57) so you can weight 16-Inch shells. Thanks to Pieter Bakels. Good Sailor performs inside certainly one of Southern area Dakota’s (BB-57) 16-Inch firearms. Thanks to Pieter Bakels. Quadruple 40mm attach practice. USN photographs courtesy of Pieter Bakels. If you’re rearming on the ammo boat Wrangell (AE-12) with the 6 May 1945, a tank out of sixteen-inch highest capabilities dust exploded, causing a flame and you can bursting four more tanks. Turret Zero. The latest watercraft lost three people slain immediately; eight alot more passed away out-of injuries; and 24 others sustained low-fatal wounds. The newest motorboat retired to help you Guam out of eleven so you’re able to 31 Could possibly get when she sailed to possess Leyte, coming in on 1 June.

Photographs we

This images are started six Will get 1945, 20 minutes or so after the sixteen-inch dust rush by turret #step three. Thanks to Pieter Bakels. Limited text message due to DANFS. Administering plasma or any other first-aid so you can sufferers regarding burst towards the panel of one’s Southern area Dakota (BB-57), 6 Get 1945. USN images courtesy of Pieter Bakels. The newest South Dakota (BB-57) was pictured here secured for the addressing lines of your floating drydock ABSD-six to the mo rush of six Will get. USN images due to Mauer D. Rell, S1C 8/43- & Pieter Bakels. The newest Southern area Dakota (BB-57) in the drifting drydock ABSD-6 regarding Guam adopting the ammo rush off six May. Atop the woman Mainmast radar platform are a minded South carolina-4 antenna to possess zenith browse and on brand new portside of it, a keen AS571/Slr ECM antenna.

Anti-flights blasts out of TF 58 because the Jap flat is actually strike and you will explodes only outside the Essex (CV-9) in action out of Okinawa, Ryukyu Islands, into the 11 April 1945 due to the fact viewed regarding the Southern Dakota (BB-57)

Directly less than into a platform the girl aft “SG” body browse put. At the front and aft off their “SK” radar program rarely apparent here, are a couple of SPT-4 circular plates/discs for the energetic jamming program performing regarding listing of 200-550 MHz, derived directly from the newest APQ-2 airborne jammers, available for play with facing nights competitors for the bombers, try bracketed to your system. With the fore topmast is actually a good “SG” put with attached P/S, SPR-1/APR-step 1 antennas, an inactive collection system so you can select Japanese radars. Suitable P/S off her Fwd. Sky Safety was several other one or two, maybe not obvious right here. Following next, two TDY-1A, brand new and a lot more effective than simply SPT-cuatro, doing work from inside the a top frequency band and you will implied as a counter in order to challenger shipborne flames manage radars, was basically fitting P/S out-of the girl Foretop and you may less than one, also P/S, a couple of 2AX-NAN “Nancy” IR beacons (perhaps not obvious right here).

Individually beneath the Fwd. Sky Security Height Since-37 “Wagon Wheel” antennas and a great DBM antenna is actually visible. Atop the Mk. Mention new 20mm gallery atop the lady Zero. The brand new “scoreboard” on her fire handle tower (put step 3) has been painted over, far into the irritation of this lady team. Multiple whip antennas for motorboat-to-watercraft and you can motorboat-to-coastline communication is visible. USN images courtesy of Mauer D. Rell, S1C 8/43- & Pieter Bakels. Technical dysfunction due to Pieter Bakels. Somewhat different perspective of South Dakota (BB-57) regarding the floating drydock ABSD-6 within Guam. USN photo courtesy of Pieter Bakels. Crew people in the new Southern Dakota (BB-57) ready yourself the newest vessel to own paint while in drydock. Notice the newest organizations suspended from the main deck on the scaffolds.

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